Location: N 40 06.7  W 024 26.3     Course: 230    Speed 14.3 kt    Weather: Mostly Sunny     Wind: SE 20 kt     Seas: Slight Sea Swell

We were able to see the first of the islands that comprise the Azores before sunset and spent the night threading our way through the islands. Bravo completed their flashlight exams and were able to get a little more celestial navigation done as Alpha turned in their thermodynamics project. Alpha also took the research they did on the periodic maintenance plan for the SSDGs and applied that to conducting the 500/1000 hour inspections followed by documentation in the maintenance database known as NS5.

Each year the 2/C engineers work on a cruise plaque that will be displayed in the engine room. Rumor has it that Cadet Relieving Engineer Pingree has been leading this effort but attempts to get a preview of the plaque have been fruitless. Perhaps in the near future we will be able to display the work of our engineers on the blog.

Finally, if you remember way back to the beginning of this voyage, we were called on to render assistance to a sinking sailboat. Although we ultimately were not needed, the willingness to aid our fellow mariners has been recognized by the USCG Admiral in command of Coast Guard District One in a letter that was sent to President William Brennan. Well done, everyone.

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