Cruise Update: June 26

Location: N 38 53.1  W 037 23.9     Course: 269     Speed 12.3 kt    Weather: Mostly Sunny     Wind: SE 15 kt     Seas: Slight Sea Swell

This evening we officially hit the home stretch. All of the 2/C engineers havecompleted their flashlight exams and all of the 2/C deckies are working on their final assessments. By way of celebration, we held our annual Casino Night on the reception deck. Staff served as dealers and pit-bosses while students gambled with fake money. They then used their winnings in a raffle at the end of the evening. Based on the wads of money that the students had for the raffle I think it is safe to say that none of our staff have a future working in Vegas. Sodexo provided chips & clam dip, drinks and assorted sweets to the event and even donated a few prizes. Surprisingly, the big ticket items in the raffle turned out to be ball caps from the Trieste Yacht Club. In all, it was a good evening of goofing off that leads us into tomorrow’s holiday routine before we start the final push to the finish line.

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