Cruise Update: June 27

Location: N 39 08.9   W 043 34.9     Course: 251     Speed 12.1 kt    Weather: Mostly Sunny     Wind: SE 20 kt      Seas: Slight Sea Swell

It was a perfect day for a holiday out on the Atlantic Ocean. The students took the time to decompress from the last week of work and study, participating in skeet shooting, a bench press competition, and a 3-on3 basketball tournament. All of that was finished off with a cook-out on the stern featuring bratwurst from Germany and ice cream sundaes for dessert. Notable performances were put forward by 4/C Elliot Grindle who shot a perfect score on our modified skeet range and 2/C Nicholas Chase who won the bench press competition, edging out 2/C Jacob Hartigan and 2/C Josh Hall. Due to fatigue, the basketball finals were postponed until the 28th after ship’s work is secured.

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