Final 2014 Cruise Update: July 6

Location: N 42 57.5  W 069 55.6    Course: 084    Speed 10.9 kt   Weather: Mostly Sunny    Wind: S 10 kt    Seas: Slight Sea Swell

As we prepare to bring family members of the 2/C aboard tomorrow morning, everyone is getting excited for the end of the training cruise. With any undertaking of such magnitude there are too many people to thank for their Herculean efforts in making the event a success so I will leave the task to someone much more eloquent than I. Dr. William Brennan, President of Maine Maritime Academy, has embarked aboard the training ship and has offered the following letter for me to use in place of the final blog:

July 6, 2014 

Hurricane Arthur has dissipated and moved well off shore as the T/S STATE OF MAINE departs Portsmouth and crosses the Gulf of Maine on her final leg of Cruise 2014. I would like to take the opportunity of this last Ship’s Blog Post to offer both my thanks and my congratulations to my Shipmates and to tell parents, alumni, and friends of Maine Maritime Academy what a great college this is. 

I want to thank the ship’s officers and crew under the leadership of Captain Les Eadie and Chief Engineer Ray Moody, the deck and engine training staff under the leadership of Adam Slazas and Mark Libby, the regimental staff under the leadership of Commandant Nate Gandy, and the dining services department under the leadership of Chief Steward Mark Strang for all the good work and for the spirit of service and commitment that exists aboard this ship. To our Cadets, congratulations on a job well done during this cruise, and thank you for the camaraderie and courtesies you have extended to me. This cruise represents another milestone towards the successful completion of your studies. While there have been many challenges, you complete this cruise with a greater sense of responsibility, knowing what hard work means and, importantly, knowing that there are real consequences for your actions – both positive and negative.

The support of the family and friends who have followed the progress of Cruise 2014 has meant a lot to everyone on Board and your support means much to the success of Maine Maritime Academy. I look forward to meeting many of you as we rendezvous in Seaport before our arrival in Castine. Lastly, to those of you for whom this cruise is your last assignment and who will now leave to begin your careers, I wish you much success. Please remember that the value of the credentials you receive from MMA is in the reputation of the institution and its graduates. So please uphold that reputation and remember to give back to the place that has given you so much.

Dr. William J. Brennan, RADM (USMS)

DISCLAIMER: Due to the Training Ship’s limited connectivity to the Internet, blog postings are delayed and are not intended for real-time communication. To communicate with your student, please send messages to his or her issued e-mail address.