SUNY Training Cruise Information


For families and friends following the SUNY Training Cruise, the following page includes general information about the Empire State VI departure and communications:

The SUNY Training Cruise departs on Monday, May 12. Their periodic blog updates will start at that point, and we will re-post those updates here. To access their blog directly, please visit the SUNY Library at

Email Tips:

We are pleased to announce that satellite broadband connection for the ship’s email services has been successfully activated and is working.  All students (including those from Texas, Maine and Massachusetts Maritimes), faculty and staff aboard the Training Ship EMPIRE STATE have been set up with a new email address. Correspondence to these individuals cannot be sent to their regular/normal email address (i.e. for SUNY Maritime cadets) as these inboxes will not be reachable during the cruise.  Cadets can begin receiving emails when we get underway on Monday, 12 May 2014, after 1000.

***Please note the new email address schema for the Summer Sea Term below: (If your first or last name has an apostrophe or a hyphen, it is included in the email address. Names with spaces are not included in the email address.).  We know that communicating with your while he/she is away is important to you.  Please keep in mind, however, that the cost of satellite services is based on usage and the costs incurred can get expensive.  Please limit communication to your cadets to official business only and avoid unnecessary communications.   Cadets will not be able to receive attachments.

Please let us know via if there are any communication issues with your cadet while we are underway.