SUNY Cruise Update: June 13

While drifting in the vicinity of the Balearic island, Mallorca we conducted an exercise with the Spanish Coast Guard. Their helicopter hovered over the ship and deposited a training item and then proceeded to pick it up.

The plan is to return to Gibraltar on Sunday to bunker. Fire drills and abandon ship drills are conducted on a frequent basis. For some fire drills, cadets roll out fire hoses and spray water on the deck to help prepare them for this kind of emergency. In addition to this hands-on training 3rd classmen are also required to view fire safety training videos at the library.

As final exams approach, the weather remains fair and general morale is high although some cadets show some traces of homesickness. To help combat this some students play chess and other board games in the library. A foosball table just stationed outside of the library sees a lot of action as well.

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