The Empire State VI  is bunkering in Gibraltar. The Engineering cadets are responsible for that task. As it is standard procedure, smoking is secured all over the ship.

Mid-terms are underway for first class cadets. The second and third class cadets are taking their finals as well.

First class deckies are preparing for CWO (cadet watch officer) watch. Guidelines for preparation for said watch have been distributed via thumb drives.

Safety notes from the Regiment office are being added to the Plan of the day. Cadets are receiving reminders such as “Always use handrail when ascending and descending ladder wells” by Cadet Miranda and “Always wear PPE and carry rates at all times” by Cadet Shaw. 

As the change over is fast approaching, many students are making their travel arrangements from JFK.  Some are carpooling while others make alternate plans.

The ship will be berthing at the Cobh Passenger Terminal (for cruise ships) at the end of the month.

Shout out from Anonymous: “Hartford Whalers, we’re #1!”

That’s all for now.

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