SUNY Cruise Update: June 9

We docked at Tenerife, which is the largest populated Spanish island and also the largest island in the Canary chain. Everyone enjoyed the Tenerife port and the weather treated us very well. Some cadets explored the capital city of the island, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, by foot, bike, and skateboard. While other cadets headed for the beach. The ship was not docked near swimmable waters so a bus ride to the area was required. The Regiment also organized an excursion to Teide National Park which is centered around Mount Teide, the highest mountain of Spain. At the park, some cadets participated in activities such as diving and went on a jeep safari expedition. 

We left Tenerife at 8am on Sunday, and are now back in the Atlantic.

The sailing plan is to complete some circles in the Atlantic and then enter into the Mediterranean Sea where the cadets can conduct some piloting and navigation exercises – afterwards we’ll be heading to Cobh, Ireland.

Now that we are back at sea everyone has resumed their regular duties.

Special greeting from Cadet Mercante: “Hi MG, love”.

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